Officials in Bucha say they’ve now found 403 bodies of civilians who they believe were killed during an occupation by Russian troops.

The city’s mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk says the toll is still growing, as other residents remain missing.

Images of dead bodies in the streets have prompted global outrage, and allegations of war crimes have been levelled at the Kremlin.

Russia has again denied its troops were to blame – with President Putin today claiming images of civilian bodies were faked.

The head of the UK’s army has predicted the war in Ukraine could end in what he called “a military, tactical stalemate”.

General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith also suggested the conflict should prompt a rethink of the government’s decision to cut the size of the British army.

The chief of the General Staff told the Policy Exchange think-tank that Russian forces were at “an operational pause” as they regrouped ahead of an expected offensive in eastern Ukraine.

“Whether that proves to be the decisive battle or not, we are currently measuring this campaign in days. We ought to expect to measure it in months, if not – in the scheme of things – in years,” he said.

“The most likely immediate and interim outcome is a military, tactical stalemate in the Donbas, with a Russian regime able to claim some measure of success, and that potentially acting as a potential launch point for a subsequent campaign.

“I don’t think the international community and Europe, of course, is going to be able to live comfortably with a frozen conflict in Europe.

More now on claims that Russian forces used chemical weapons in the besieged port city of Mariupol.

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There has so far been no evidence proving that such weapons have been used. But how would we know if they had been?

The global watchdog for chemical weapons – the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – would usually be called in to assess any evidence. But that will be challenging in Mariupol, which is surrounded and struggling to get even basic supplies.

The former British Army officer Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a chemical weapons expert, cautioned that even if uncontaminated samples could be collected from the scene they would need to be taken to another country for analysis.

This, he said, would take some time.

Ukrainian authorities say they foiled an attempt to disrupt their energy infrastructure through a cyber-attack.

They say the hackers first got inside systems by February. They then tried to activate the malicious software they had implanted on 8 April. This could have switched off power supplies.

This type of attack has been carried out in Ukraine before as far back as 2015. However, authorities say this time the attack was foiled.
They may have been seeking to carry out the attack in support of military operations in the region that was targeted.

Ukraine has been subject to a series of cyber-attacks in the run up to and since the invasion began but has surprised many observers by defending itself against them better than expected.

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