Sights and sounds of nature of a different era

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As the colonists traveled north along the Merrimack River, they were surrounded by nature as pure as the blue sky. Seated in their canoes with their muskets nearby they traveled from Massachusetts Bay Colony in search of opportunity. The men traveled without their families and very lightly with limited provisions, observing as they paddled the waters of the Merrimack, they reached the crooked place they learned about from various trappers and Native American guides. Their destination became their home and the years have led to those that reside today in the city of Concord.


The travel along the river was challenging, exhausting and dangerous. When the sun set late in the day and the evening was welcomed the explorers would gather around a fire smoking their clay pipes filled with tobacco, enjoying a light dinner and consuming some spirits. As they retired for the evening, they were surrounded with the blackest of nights in the forest. It was on this moonless night the stars shone brightly and the forest came alive with wildlife.

As the small group arrived on the sandy shore of the Merrimack River in present-day Concord they organized and explored for days, seeking a good location for a settlement where their families would live and grow in the coming years. The first day they ventured into the forest for the very first time and encountered a different world, a world filled with the best that nature could offer.

The ground was covered with the heavy old-growth forest, a mix of softwood and hardwood. They found plenty of oak, maple, chestnut, beech, birch and ash with elm trees plentiful near the river where they camped. They found large pine, hemlock and some spruce and fir trees. The trees surrounding this land were very large and the forest had never been harvested. The endless supply of hard and softwoods would provide for building shelters, firewood for heat and rustic furniture.

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